The Waterways Book Service

It is easy to purchase from us. Browse our Catalog and click "Add To Basket" on any items that you wish to buy to put them into the shopping basket.(At this point you can still modify your order)

After you have finished your selection please place your order.

Upon receipt of your order we will send a secure link for you to enter your card details. We now collect your payments via CardSave and ship within two working days of your payment.

Why you can trust CardSave. They are part of World Pay, who provide all of the card services for Tesco's the largest supermarket in the UK.

Address   Belmont, 29 Tenby Avenue, Harrow, HA3 8RU 
Phone  020-8907 4700 or 01623 461374

You may order by mail, telephone or email but BUT please do not send card details by mail or email as it is NOT SECURE

PLEASE MAKE CHEQUES PAYABLE TO 'J LAWES' or we will email a link to you so you can pay by card

Payment is taken at the point of packing for shipment.

There is normally no VAT on books. All prices include VAT where applicable.